About us

Gurlu Gurlu Maya Child and Parent Centre is operated in partnership with  One Tree Community Services.

One Tree Community Services are a not-for-profit charity whose purpose is to advance education and social or public welfare. One Tree Community Services  provide early and middle childhood education and care, community services, professional support and training across Australia. One Tree Community Services value and respect the knowledge and heritage of Australia’s First Nations People. Our vision is to continue our journey working in collaboration with and walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, identifying them as our teachers and drawing on their strengths and knowledge.

The Child and Parent Centre welcomes Parents/Carers and Children from 0 to 8 years of age in a safe and open environment.

Gurlu Gurlu Maya Child Parent Centre offers a range of programs and services including;

 Ngayinuwarra, Mums and Bubs Playgroup

Mums & Bubs Playgroup Program caters for newborns to 4 years of age. We have many activities to offer including arts and crafts, story time, free play and our popular outdoor area which all promote and encourage early years development in a safe and supportive environment.   

  Manggurla Gurdawarnigu, KindiLink Roebourne

KindiLink is supported by Roebourne District High School in collaboration with Gurlu Gurlu Maya CPC. It is a play-and-learn initiative for children and their parent/carer at no cost to families. The program is delivered by teachers and assistants who work alongside families to help them prepare their children for successful transitions to school. KindiLink focuses on 3 year olds and supports the child’s development in the year before kindergarten.

Yirramagardu Community Program

Baba Nyurnimalgu, Water Play in term 4!

This program is a joint initiative with Yaandina Family Support, Pilbara Aboriginal Heart Health Program, One Tree Community Services and Act Belong Commit Roebourne. This program is designed to support families with a variety of fun and engaging activities. Term 4 will be spent cooling down at the Wickham Splash Pad! With our warm Pilbara weather, there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water!

  Gulumarrigu, Community Playgroup

A welcoming and casual playgroup promoting play based learning. Here at the Child and Parent Center Roebourne we create a fun and stimulating environment for the children to learn about the world around them in their own time and at their own pace. Providing a caring and supportive environment for all adults and children.



The Child Parent Centre – Roebourne have regular support from Population Health and Mawarnkarra Health Service who offer specialist services on an ongoing basis.

Please call or drop in for any further information.

Tel: 9182 1475    47 Lockyer Way Roebourne    Email: gurlugurlumayareception@onetree.org.au