Welcome to the Child and Parent Centre – Warriapendi.

Our centre is a place to:

  • come with children between 0 to 4 years of age, read a book together, play and make friends
  • participate in early learning and pre-Kindy playgroups, workshops, information sessions, community events and other activities
  • learn about what children need to grow up healthy and happy
  • find out about activities and services for families and children in the area
  • prepare for a great transition to Kindy.

All programs and services are free. They meet interests of the families and encourage the children’s healthy development. We always focus on nurturing relationships between parents and children.

At our centre parents also find the information they need to be the best parents they can be. We work with other organisations to coordinate the services at the centre, or at surrounding schools when possible, making it easier for families to go to appointments.

A Child Health Nurse is at the centre every day to see children from birth to four years by appointment. A speech pathologist works at the centre part-time. We also regularly run parenting workshops and other activities during school terms and holidays.

The Child and Parent Centre – Warriapendi is managed by MercyCare in partnership with Warriapendi Primary School.

For further information please telephone 6151 1980, email warriapendicpc@mercycare.com.au, or download our mobile app.